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Seminar and Retreat Topics

Hospitality Workshop

How to's in having an outreach tea, followed by a question and answer time of about a half hour. Most Women's Ministries combine this with a tea and invite their own women and open it up to other nearby churches to their Women's Ministries. My goal for this workshop is to encourage women to reach out in their neighborhoods and invite women to tea, with the idea of reaching them for Christ. Two hours with hands on time to prepare tea and a few items.

The Joy of Tea

40 to 45 minutes Practical tips on serving an afternoon tea, misconceptions regarding English Tea and how to avoid making common mistakes. stories of teatime's I have experienced, plus ways to use the occasion to share your faith and encourage your guests. This talk is good for an outreach.

Being A Vessel That God Can Use

How to empty ourselves of the things we find important so that God can use us in mighty ways. He can work through us even though we have flaws and “chips.” This talk is about 30 minutes and uses scripture to encourage women who may not have thought something as simple as a tea or coffee could be in God's plan for their life.

Women Making a Difference

God has used women to serve Him and make a difference in the lives of those around them for thousands of years. Find out how He wants to use you. Ideas for women to use their gifts to reach their world for Christ in very practical ways.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Hospitality for the modern women: No time - Not motivated - Why should I practice hospitality? What’s in it for me? - My house is not ready for company - I don’t know how to cook - I don’t like to cook Any of the above questions ever cross your mind? If so, this is for you. Plans to help you get started, easy recipes and new ideas for opening your home to friends.

Lessons Learned from the Titanic

History repeats itself…don’t reinvent the wheel…what are some thoughts that might make our lives easier and not prone to running aground? Avoid complacency. Learn from past mistakes. Look at the whole picture. Don’t over-rely on others. Avoid being “penny-wise and pound-foolish”. Watch for conflicts of interest. Great thoughts and ideas taken from Penelope’s new book, Tea on the Titanic.

Keeping your Family Afloat

Looking at what happen that fateful night on April 14th am I going? Do I have a road map that shows warning signs or watching for “icebergs” in my path. What things trip me up on being the mother and wife God has called me to be? Practical lessons we can use in our everyday lives. None of us are “unsinkable.”

A Royal Invitation

You won't want to miss this engaging and heart warming story when Lady Penelope meets the Queen! Growing up with an English Mother who always desired to be "Queen," life in a "Royal" household had a lot of opportunities for abdications and coronations. Applications for all "daughters" of the King. This is Penelope's signature talk and loved by all. (30 to 45 min)

A Cup of Encouragement

How do you react when your teacup gets bumped? Do you find yourself comparing your "chipped" pottery with a friend's exquisite fine bone china? No matter if we loose our flavor, get steamed up too easily or flip our lid, we can always find encouragement on the teapot trail of life. Based on Penelope's travels thru villages and hamlets in England, you won't want to miss this "tea-riffic talk!" Perfect for luncheons or retreats. (30 to 45 min)

Steeped in Tradition

Taking tea is a thoroughly British tradition, but has spread to this side of the Atlantic! Whether informal or formal, serving tea is the ultimate art of hospitality. Penelope will share traditional tea menus, etiquette, proper preparation and even some healthful benefits of tea. Delightful analogies of the mature Christian "Teapot" pouring spritual encouragement into the "teacup" of a younger life. A favorite at Mother-Daughter, Mother's Day, high school and mentoring events. (30 to 45 min.)

Taking Tea (Back to the Basics)

Elegant and beautiful, a formal afternoon tea is filled with ritual, tradition and delicious food. This 4 hour session includes: history of tea, making the proper cuppa, tea sandwiches "101", and pairing your personality with your entertaining style. Even if Martha Stewart isn't your "cup of tea", you can learn ways that will be natural for you. Recipes, table setting tips, tea tasting, invitations and tea themed parties are included in this interactive workshop. A true "Hospitali-tea Seminar." Adapts well to holiday themes. Ideal for retreats or workshops. (A 4 hour session, or can be broken down to 3 or 4 seperate sessions. Available for home groups of 10 or more.)

Personality Plus Party

If life is a tea party, would you like a fun way to find out what you bring to the table? All of us play a different role: are you the Teacup, the Teapot, the Teabag or the Teaspoon? Enjoy learning your basic personality type with a quick and easy to understand quiz. As a Certified Personality Trainer, Penelope will share the techniques needed to get along with others by understanding ourselves. Very effective for business, medical offices, marriages, families or church. (Half or full day seminar.)

*Any talk can be adapted to fit your particular theme or other unique needs of your group.

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